Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review in ACTUALITATEA MUZICALA Nr. 7 - July 2011

The Suites for Cello by Bach
(sans frontieres)
ACTUALITATEA MUZICALA  Nr. 7 - July 2011 (Romania)

OVIDIU MARINESCU is an eminent Romanian cellist settled abroad, whose solo career harmoniously combines a rich teaching activity with conducting successes.
After Casals there were Starker, Yo Yo-Ma, Mayski, some of the greatest. But now we have a Romanian who can measure against them and he's doing very well. Ovidiu Marinescu's interpretation is strong and dignified, may be lyrical or dramatic, but first it is powerful. It gives you the feeling of an absolute power, indisputable: it's Bach's music in pure state, music that is above all human will.

The technical perfection of the artist is coupled with a refined taste, resulting in an interpretation full of emotion and musical knowledge.  If any creative output bears the marks of the time, the most important thing is projecting it into the future, and in this context, the new but brave idea to mix the suites and the order of the movements as chosen by the performer, gives Bach's music a note of freedom and gives the suites an infinite kaleidoscopic structure, in which any final chord may become... a semicolon...


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